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ArticleId: 2368magazinePENNY Czech Republic unveils a new store concept in Prague. The most significant modification is the straightforward layout, making it easier for customers to find products.https://one.rewe-group.com/fileadmin/_processed_/3/e/csm_PENNY_Tschechien_Markthalle_mgt_st_en_fea06389eb.jpgA new store concept for the Czech RepublicPENNY International
PENNY International
A new store concept for the Czech Republic

PENNY Czech Republic unveils a new store concept in Prague. The most significant modification is the straightforward layout, making it easier for customers to find products. 

PENNY has unveiled its new store design to journalists in Prague. The new concept has already been rolled out across all 30 stores in the Czech capital and marks a significant milestone in the programme to update all PENNY supermarkets in the Czech Republic. 

One hundred and fifty stores have already been remodelled in line with the new approach, with another 40 to follow suit by the end of the year. The discounter is the number one food retailer in the Czech Republic, boasting a total of 380 branches.

Optimising the layout for customers

The most striking feature of the new concept is its ease of navigation. “This has been a particular focus for us. We wanted stores to be arranged clearly, allowing customers to locate their favourite products effortlessly”, says Martin Peffek, Managing Director of PENNY Czech Republic. 

Well organised and clearly arranged

The innovative layout guides the customer's journey through the store. From the entrance to the till, customers pass a range of U-shaped coves made up of shelves which group similar products together, allowing customers to browse the respective product categories, just as they would in a traditional market hall. Starting with the bakery and the beer section, customers are guided through all of the store’s fresh produce areas. Before reaching the tills, customers come to the products on special offer, which change on a weekly basis. If they are in a hurry, customers can take a short-cut to the checkout. 

A needs-based approach

The results of a customer survey were the basis for the new store design. “It became apparent that customers value the friendlier, more enjoyable atmosphere associated with a traditional market hall, rather than endless aisles of produce,” says Martin Peffek.

Sustainable technology

More economical LED technology has replaced the entire previous lighting system. New refrigerators and freezers, which use less electricity and contain ecological coolant, have been installed in the stores, resulting in an overall energy saving of around 45 megawatt hours. This equates to the annual consumption of 365 two-bed homes.

PENNY store in former cinema

“One of the challenges we faced at times during the refurbishment programme was the need to adapt the new store concept to make it suitable for historic buildings. For example, one store is situated in a former cinema building dating back to the early 20th century. In Prague’s main market hall, we have literally been able to put a supermarket within a market hall,” says Václav Šíma, head of PENNY’s building department in the Czech Republic.

Local suppliers

Featuring fresh produce and local specialities, the product range itself is designed to replicate the atmosphere of a traditional market and puts local suppliers and products at the very heart of the concept, with seven out of ten products produced in the Czech Republic.

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